About Our Firm

Our company was founded back in 2007, to provide the highest level of service in the entire tax related industry. We have seen companies take advantage of people, and take thousands of their hard-earned dollars, and couldn’t stand it any longer.

That is when two veterans of the industry broke off from their current company to form Instant Tax Solutions. They wanted to create a company that treated the customers right, like they were dealing with their own mother.

From that day forward, honesty and integrity has ruled everything we have done. From being upfront and honest with our initial consultation, to refunding the money that other companies have taken from customers, we tried to put the customer first, which we have found to be the best thing would possibly do for business.

To understand the difference that our company makes, please give us a call today, and talk with one of our highly trained and expert consultants, who could tell you exactly what you need to do next with only a short phone conversation.